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Intelemedia: website, brochure, presentation

Intelemedia, a company that unites multiple call centers into one platform, approached me in 2012 for assistance on redesigning their existing website. Not only was their website technologically dated but much of the content was stale and unorganized. We tackled the project head on and went through the full process of developing a great web presence: content planning, design, development, deployment and post-launch analytics.

During website development, Intelemedia also approached me about a new platform they were planning and how we could introduce it to their clients. We decided a succinct booklet with an overview of the platform would give a unique way to show clients that this was no ordinary package. Intelemedia was very pleased with the response rate from the initial booklet and requested a matching PowerPoint presentation design and continues to work with me.

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Stow & Go: logo, stationery, website

Stow & Go is another fictional business that was started as a small family owned storage business in the 1970s and has grown to five locations. The business features a wide variety of unit sizes, climate controlled units, and personal storage pods. Stow & Go values fitting the right storage options with customers and makes it easy through their website and personal storage counselors. With their personal storage counselors, Stow & Go shows its customers their value and has high retention rates and repeat customers.

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Print/Package Design: poster, brochure, mailer, package

In addition to my digital design preference, I’ve also created a number of print designs.

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True North: logo, stationery, website

True North is a fictional business that specializes in producing topographic maps. Custom map books include in-depth information for recreational activities such as hiking, camping, snowmobiling or mountain biking. Via True North’s innovative website, customers are able to create custom maps that can be printed to a durable booklet or downloaded to an app on modern smartphones or GPS devices. These unique and modern traits of the company created a compelling reason to combine technology and nature within their branding.

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Web Development: responsive, progressive enhancement

I’m still searching for a happy medium between design and development.